Baby Shower Gift Idea

I recently made this baby mobile / wall hanging for my lovely friend Kay's baby shower present. I finished it just before I had to head out (I stupidly took my time making all the pom poms didn't I!) so I could only quickly take a couple of snaps of the process and end project!

Hope this gives you a bit of inspiration if you're looking for a homemade baby shower present.

How To Be More Creative

It's always hard to get out of that creative rut but I have one great tip! You need to be dedicated to it but it's going to help you open your mind to being more creative.

"Practice being creative for 10 minutes a day, no matter what!"

This 10 minutes a day might include a quick drawing, painting or cross stitch. You’ll find the more you train your brain to include a form of creativity into your everyday life, the easier it will be to dedicate more time to being creative.

This is only one of my top tips, I've got even more to share with you. To get access to them, simply sign up to my mailing list and you'll receive your FREE 10 ways to be more creative resource document. is dedicated to inspiring and sharing so please feel free to share this resource document with your creative friends. 

Let's connect, you can find me @laurenwelland on social media and laurenmwelland on Pinterest, there's always one site where you can't have the name you want ;)

I hope you have a great day! :) 

The Big Comic Relief Crafternoon 2017

If you've not yet purchased a copy of the new Crafternoon magazine, then I definitely recommend it as there's over 50 projects included and at least £5 from every purchase goes to Comic Relief! You can pick up a magazine from over 300 Sainsbury's stores; click here to find out your nearest stockist.

See below the top 3 projects I'm most excited to try from The Big Comic Relief Crafternoon magazine.

1. Pom Pom Bag Charm

Who doesn't love a good pom pom!? Those who know me well know that I'm going through a bit of a pom pom stage at the moment and having being given some pom pom makers like below, I'm finding any excuse to give them a go. This bag charm is the perfect modern way to get a bit of extra pom pom love in my life.

2. Brush Lettering Project

There's a great brush lettering section in this mag which includes a full alphabet to follow. The photo styling of this project is making me want to fill my house with yet more plants and then fill my house with lots of brush letter quotes! 

3. Cross Stitch Pattern 

It's been quite a few years since I've done any big cross stitch projects but this beautiful pattern has given me a fire in my belly to get the equipment out again and create a new piece of art using their "Eat, Sleep, Craft, Repeat" pattern. 

If you pick up a copy, I'd love to hear what you're excited to try too :)

Make Your Own Weaving Loom In 4 Easy Steps!

If you're like me and have a slight obsession with wool wall hangings / wall art at the moment (check out my pinterst board for inspiration) then this is the perfect 'How To' for you!

With 4 easy steps you can create your own weaving loom to help transforms your lust of a wall hangings into a reality.

Cinder and Honey's Top 5 Tips For Learning Embroidery

If you've come across embroidery on Pinterest, then you've more than likely seen the beautiful work from Cinder and Honey! With their iconic embroidered flowers and beautiful use of colours, they have a way with threads that I could only dream to learn.

In this post Caitlin, the co-founder of Cinder and Honey, shares her top 5 tips for learning embroidery, whilst also answering a few of my burning questions!

Make sure you share this post with anyone who's looking to give embroidery a go!

Learn how to embroider with these simple tips and tricks from Cinder and Honey, the beautiful imagery found on Pinterest. Caitlin suggests a range of threads to use, what patterns to begin with and also what stitches to use.

Why Everyone Should Label Their Food Jars

After having not trained for a few months now, I'm back on track with my 8 week challenge at Reform in North Devon. I've trained on and off for two years and there's nothing better than that feeling of being back 'on it' again.

Getting your cupboards in order is the first port of call, simply having the right kind of ingredients can make such a difference when it comes to eating right and labeling your jars makes the process so much more fun!

Here are my top 3 ways of labeling:

My Top 3 Woven Wall Hangings from Etsy

Are you still struggling to decide on your new year's resolutions? If you're looking for something creative to add to the list, check out mine for a bit of inspiration. This month (Jan 2017) I'm also giving you access to my FREE new year's resolution printables which will allow you to write and track your resolutions. Simply write down your resolutions, pop your printable on the wall and you'll be one step closer to making those goals come reality...*fist pumps the air*

So, one of my 2017 resolutions is to learn how to weave and create a beautiful piece of wall art. I've been lusting over so many on Etsy recently and couldn't help but share them with you. If this is your thing, definitely take a look at my Pinterest board too, there's so many beautiful designs on there. 

New Year's Resolutions - Free Printables

Happy New Year to you all!

What an amazing 2016 it's been at and I have a feeling 2017 is going to be even better! This month marks the site's 1st birthday and I want to thank you all for joining me here, your support means a great deal.

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