Business Cake - Who Are They?

Without understanding who your audience is, it’s very hard to plan your marketing.

Let’s say you’re a T-Shirt company. You make ethical screen printed Ts with geometric pattens for women. The T-shirts are soft with bright designs and look amazing with a pair of mum jeans. You want to try and work out where best to market your T-Shirts.

To start, we shall answer the below questions about the T-Shirt business, you can also do this for your own business too. Just go with your gut instinct for these answers and who you feel you're aiming your product to.

Who is my audience?

What gender is my product for: Women
What age range is my audience: 18 - 40
Where do my customers live: UK
Media they use: Read magazines such as "Cereal", use Facebook and Instagram
What do my customers like to do: They’re creative people who like to feel creatively fashionable
What do my customers care about the most: That the product is affordable, ethical and high quality
How will my audience tell others about my product: They will tell their friends and family where its from because they're engaged with the brand and believe in the manifesto. They will share  information in person and via social media.

Once you have the above answers you can now make a 2D character for someone that really embodies your audience. Again, just make this up and go with your gut.

Name: Lily
Age: 32
Occupation: Illustrator
Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, Polaroid Swing
Life: She’s a mum of two and owns very few “nice” casual clothes that haven’t yet been covered in yoghurt or baby sick. She wants to buy a top that fits with her ethical values and is stylish enough to wear on a night out with her friends.

There is no RIGHT or WRONG way of answering these questions or making this character. The above is the type of people you want to sell to.

Now we have the above information we can start filtering this down and working out what marketing you could do to target these people. Keep an eye out for more audience related posts coming soon.

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Photo Credit: What Oliva Did

I Fell In Love With Claude Monet

This week I visited Vancouver Art Gallery to take a look at the Secret Garden exhibition by Claude Monet. I knew of Monet, having learnt about him in school, but I hadn't quite appreciated his work until now.

Pastel oil paintings

My favourite paintings were those that contained these gorgeous purple and pastel oils! These paintings were so large and although looking at them quickly you'd think it's all just been chucked on the canvas, getting up close you could see his meticulous brush strokes (see image above).

Secret Garden

I also loved seeing the layers of oil painting that created these beautiful swirl like shapes. 

Secret Garden

It's amazing how much going to an art gallery can inspire you. I'd love to give oil painting a go one day. I'm currently travelling around Canada but I'm secretly looking forward to settling down somewhere and buying a few art bits (my bag is so full at the moment, I just about fit a new notebook in it last week..!)

If you're in the Vancouver area, I definitely recommend you giving it a visit, you can find out more here.

Creating A Piece Of Embroidery Art

I've finally finished my hoop artwork! It was just in time as I've only got 3 more days until I move to Vancouver! This also allowed me to tick another thing off my new year's resolution list (interested in what's on my list, go take a read). 

This piece was inspired by the brilliant Elizabeth Pawle. I love looking at her work on Instagram and feeling so in awe of all the beautiful colours and textures that she creates. My version was far simpler but surprisingly took a few hours to create. There were many times I had to unpicked colours or recreate new shapes as I didn't feel like it was working. 

I definitely recommend you give something like this a go. I created mine with hessian, a range of wools and some embroidery thread. If you create your own piece of hoop artwork, make sure you tag me as I'd love to take a look :) 

Why not also check out my interview with Cinder & Honey where they give you their top 5 tips for budding embroiderers. 

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Business Cake - What If Beyoncé Thought This?

Creative inspiration and FREE marketing advice for creative entrepreneurs. Business Cake ideas from Lauren Welland

Business Cake Advice

I heard a great line from Marie Forleo when she was giving advice to people who felt their business ideas had already been tried and tested. She said something along the lines of..

“What if Beyoncé thought this when she started out her singing career” and it really stuck with me.  Think about any of the great businesses out there that you admire, what if they woke up with their idea and thought “I’ve got a great idea but other people are kinda doing similar things”, their business would never have been born!

I think the “What if Beyoncé thought this” idea can be applied to many things such as releasing new products or even creating a new website layout. Don't get me wrong, there's no point starting a business if it's literally copying a bigger more established one but just because you want to open up your own card shop and Paperchase and Papyrus are already doing their thing, doesn't mean your store couldn't become bigger and better in some way.

If you don’t give it your darn hardest try then you’ll never know if it will succeed or not. It takes a lot of hard work to get where Beyoncé is but if she never started, she would have never reached where she is now.

Go take that idea you’ve had and start making it into a reality, you never know where it might just lead you.

P.S This is not a promotion for Beyoncé music, I'm more an indie / alternative kind of girl. Why not check out Alex Winston - Sister Wife for some musical inspiration. 

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Salted Caramel Cookie Recipe

I've been making these Salted Caramel Cookies for ages now, they taste so darn good! My friend Rory loves these too and it was recently his birthday so I decided to make him a batch.

This recipe is by the brilliant Sorted Food, go check them out.

110g unsalted butter
350g light brown sugar
55 g cocoa powder
2 large eggs
1/4 tsp table salt
3/4 tsp baking powder
260g plain flour
100g milk chocolate chips
Sprinkle of sea salt (to taste)
8 tbsp chocolate and hazelnut spread (I love Meridian)
16 caramel chocolates (I love Galaxy)

Make sure you tag me in any of your salted caramel cookie creations!

Shooting On The Olympus Pen E-PL8

If you're on the look out for a new camera, I cannot recommend the Olympus Pen E-PL8 more! I've been shooting on it for nearly a year now and I love it. The video function isn't great but photography wise, it's the perfect inbetween for those looking to step up from a point and shoot who don't want the size of a DSL / can't afford a DSL.

Check out my previous post about the lens I use and my initial review.

The main reason I purchased the E-PL8 was that I want to get into Fashion Photography. With this in mind and having recently found a folder full of inspirational shoots that I'd torn out of magazines whilst at uni, I decided to set up a mini photoshoot and create some self portraits.

I simply set myself up against a beautiful deep turquoise green wall, shut the curtains, set my camera up on a tripod, programmed the camera's auto timer, popped on the flash and got my desk lamp positioned as the main source of light. I played around the settings until I got some beautiful double exposure effects.

These shots were created using the setting 0.4 sec, F4.5, ISO 200 

These two photos consisted of a lot of movement to create these effects. I also angled my desk lamp differently each time which changed the warm double exposure. I can't wait to try out some more photography ideas when I get over to Vancouver. Photography used to be like another language to me but over time and having shot on manual and with my dad's film camera, I've the got hang of it all now. 

Who's your favourite fashion photographer? I'd love to know :) 

Print Making at Burton Art Gallery

I recently visited The Burton Art Gallery in Bideford, Devon for a Print Making Course with Sarah Young.

I'd never done print making before so I wasn't sure what to expect but it was such a fun, creative day! I learnt a range of techniques from collagraph printing to intaglio printing which included both sticking things onto the medium and scratching things off the medium.

I would love another day to try these processes again, I feel like I was just getting the hang of it by the end of the course. Making abstract pieces is so much fun and my favourite one I made was the purple one above. I tried to create a grass scene with mountain and stars (told you it was abstract haha). I also had lots of fun incorporating my modern calligraphy in with the process, especially attempting to write backwards.

Take a look at my video below to see all the prints I created and how I created them, make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel too as I'll be updating regularly with creative videos and updates on my travels to Canada.

If you're interested in trying something new, I definitely recommend print making. Sarah has a range of print making courses around the Devon and Cornwall area so go check out her website.

Lauren :)

Learning To Weave

I've been meaning to post this for a long long time now but I've been super busy packing up my life and moving back in with my parents because in 6 week's time I'll be moving to Vancouver, Canada! More on this in a separate post but for now I wanted to share my weaving project with you :)

You would have seen in my previous post, I made myself a mini weaving loom using some nails and an old photo frame. Things got even better when my lovely papa made me a massive loom which enabled me to create a larger wall hanging.

All the wool I used was from a charity shop, purchased by my mum (this project was a family effort!) and I basically taught myself some different weaving techniques through trial and error. I was super happy with how this beautiful hanging turned out. Since my move, my dear friend Morgan now has the hanging in her room. If you're interested in giving weaving it a go, I definitely recommend it. It's very relaxing when watching TV and really gets the creative juices flowing. You don't need expensive equipment to get started, you can even make a loom using cardboard! 


Having finished my wall hanging I was then able to tick "learn to weave" off my new year's resolution list, more about that here. I'll be posting soon about another resolution that I've just completed and it was a rather tasty one ;) 

Hope you're well and sorry for the lack of posts!

Lauren x 

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