The Interior Dilemma

So it's officially been a month since I sold my house and moved into rented accommodation. Luckily I'm renting from family so I have the ability to drill holes in the walls without the worry of being kicked out *she says hopefully*. I am however in a state of dilemma. Starting from scratch, with limited furniture and on a limited budget!

I  couldn't wait to move into my new place, a place of my own where I could express my style and unbox all the bric a brac I've collected over my many carboot halls... now, just where do I put it all and how do I want to display it!?

So far this month I've picked a colour scheme for the open plan living room. I went with blue. I had bought this beautiful blanket from Sainsbury's when in my old place and knew I had to incorporate the colour scheme into my new home somehow.

I have since brought some texture and pattern in too with this large soft cushion from Dunelm and this beautiful peacock feather cushion from TK Maxx. I am not, and fear I never will be, a fan of curtains. I'm yet to find a great place for budget curtains or even beautiful patterned curtains.  I may just have to dust off the sewing machine one day and look to make my own. I have settled for these blue ones from Dunelm, which again match the cushion I picked up from there which helps to bring my scheme to life.

I also finally got my pet Yucca a pretty blue pot to sit in at the weekend. I need to get some gravel to sit on top of the soil and buy myself a misting spray (as he's starting to wilt!) but I'm pretty chuffed with my green friend, he's a great accompliment to my new home and hopefully I can keep him alive!

Lastly, I have hung up some pictures on the wall. I only have two at the moment, mainly due to only owning black frames which won't work in this room. I will have to start to collect some others as and when I see them but for now, these help work towards my final look.

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