What Is A Bullet Journal?

I felt it was time to start afresh this year and wanted to sort out my list issue which included a life of post-it-notes, phone reminders, scrap pieces of paper, lists on my fridge and lists in my head....

I decided to try a bullet journal, the concept is really simple so let me tell you how it works...

You essentially have one journal for EVERYTHING that you need to write down. For me, this includes:

  • My calendar for the month notifying me of when and where I need to be places.
  • A "To Do" list for the month, here I brain dump everything I need to remember. 
  • Daily "To Do" lists for that month which I fill out each day and roll over items I've not done to the next.
  • The rest of the journal includes reams and reams of random bits and bobs such as poetry I've written, lists of songs I like, where I want to travel to etc etc. 

I throughly recommend you watch this video as this helps explain everything you need to know about bullet journaling. Throughout the months of journaling I've amended my layout slightly but I always try and keep the concept very simple. I've seen a few people go all out with colour coding etc but I know if I did that I'd spend more time customising my journal than completing the never ending lists I've written down :P 

The journal I use is from Sainsbury's. I have (no word of a lie) 6 other variations of this notebook in a range of colours and styles. I LOVE these notebooks as they include great quality paper, they have an elastic band to hold it together and they have a secret pocket at the back. I only call it secret as I didn't realise it was there until I was on my third notebook! There are specific bullet journals out there but I can't justify the cost when mine does the exact same thing. The only downside of not buying the actual bullet journal is that I need to number my pages for my index but I don't mind doing that.

I hope this gave a bit of an insight into bullet journaling or at least a platform to learn more about it. Please let me know if you give it a go! 

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