Revolut Prepaid Card Review

The revolut card is the new way to spend money globally, with an easy to use app and with one of the best exchange ranges, what more can you want from a prepaid card!

Here are my top 5 reasons to why you need to try out Revolut!

1. Simple to order - Honestly, it's so simple, it took me 10 mins to sign up for the card. First I download the Revolut app from the app store, filled out a few details and lastly took a photo of my ID and my face. Once all my data was approved the card arrived within a few days!

2. Easy to load - Once the card arrived I decided to load some money onto it, I did this in two different ways. The first way was via online banking (the app gives you all the details you need for this), this was no different to transferring money to a friend but it did take a couple of days for the money to arrive into my account. The quicker and more convenient way I found was to 'load' my bank card onto my app, this then enabled me to transfer money onto my card instantly whenever I wanted. All you needed to do each time was enter your CVV number (last three digits on the back) from the card you were transferring money from.

3. Great exchange rate - Every day I looked on the app I was rather impressed, the exchange rate was always better than other providers I was looking at. Revoult mirror the Spot Interbank exchange rate which typically beats the rate found in most banks and travel agents by 3-5%! Within the app you are able to keep your currency in GBP, or, if you see an exchange range you like you can simply transfer it into Dollars or Euros. I personally didn't transfer my money into another currency but instead kept it in GBP and just got the best exchange rate each time I used my card.

4. User friendly app - With features such as using your Apple 'fingerprint scan' to get into your account the overall interface of the app is very user friendly. Once you're into the app you automatically see your balance and a list of payments you've made in GBP. You then have the options to 'Top up', 'Exchange' or 'Transfer'. The app also allows you to see your card details, including the option of giving you your pin incase you forgot it! You can instantly block your card if it's lost or stolen, send money from your account to another Revolut user and finally speak to a customer service member. One of the best things about this app was the instant notifications I got on my phone when making payments, these notifications included the cost in the currency you paid in as well as GBP.

5. Great Customer Service - Your card is linked to the app you ordered it on so within the app you have the ability to talk to their customer service team via their messaging service. Any questions I had, the team responded pretty quickly and were very polite. The app notified me each time the team sent me a message and overall it was quick and simple to get questions answered.

I honestly cannot recommend this card more to those of you who are looking for a flexible way of taking money with you when abroad. 

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