Chocolate Vegan Ice Cream Sandwich

The perfect recipe for summer, this vegan ice cream is so deliciously creamy and even better when sandwiched between two delicate vegan and gluten free almond cakes!

The ice cream recipe has been adapted from The Minimalist Baker, her blog is brilliant, you must check it out!

Chocolate Vegan Ice Cream - Makes 1 Victoria Sponge tin full

250ml Coconut Cream
125g Pitted Medjoul Dates
1/4 tsp Vanilla Extract
60ml Unsweetened Almond Milk
30g Cocoa Powder

1. Place a bowl in the freezer or if too big, keep it cold with a bag of ice or frozen peas
2. Blitz your dates in a food processor until finely diced, add warm water until it turns into a paste. Place into the fridge to keep cold.
3. Add the coconut cream to your cold bowl and whisk until whipped and smooth
4. Add your cocoa, vanilla, almond milk and your date paste, whisk until incorporated.
5. Taste the mixture and add more cocoa if needed. Make note, this chocolatey mixture would be perfect to keep in the fridge as a mousse if you're not wanting to make ice cream!
6. Line a victoria sponge tin with parchment paper
7. Scoop in your chocolate mixture. Top with cling film and then place foil over the top of the tin.
8. Place into the freezer overnight
9. Before scooping, leave out on the side for roughly 20-30mins until the ice cream softens up!

The next recipe was adapted from The Happy Pear's recipe for their Jaffa Cake Sponge - again, another great blog, must check them out!

Almond and Buckwheat Sandwich Cakes - Makes 6 muffins size cakes

100g Buckwheat Flour
90g Ground Almonds
1 1/2 tsp Baking Powder
1/4 tsp Salt
95g Melted Coconut Oil
95g Pure Maple Syrup
60ml Almond Milk
1/2 tsp Vanilla Extract

1. Preheat fan oven to 160 degrees
2. Grease your 6 muffin tins (I used flower shaped tins) with coconut oil and set aside.
3. Mix all the dry ingredients together
4. Add the wet ingredients into the dry and mix until a smooth batter
5. Add equal amounts of batter into the muffin tins
6. Place into the oven for 15-20mins or until the cakes are slightly golden
7. Leave to cool completely
8. Once cold, add into a freezer bag and freeze overnight.

To assemble your Vegan Ice Cream Sandwich

1. Take out your ice cream and leave on the side for roughly 20-30 before scooping.
2. Once it's soft enough to scoop, take out one of your almond cakes from the freezer and cut in half with a bread knife.
3. Place onto a place one scoop of ice cream onto top of one half of your cakes, then top with the other half and enjoy!

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