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This year I decided to take the plunge and finally book myself a trip to New York! I'd been wanting to do it for so many years but never really made the time until now. I'm so thankful I did and I had such an amazing experience. My trip featured a lot of sight seeing and A LOT of eating food! I visited New York by myself and I was nervous at first about eating out alone but I had nothing to worry about, everyone was super friendly and I just sat and watched the world go by.

Breakfast / Brunch 

Gemma (335 Bowery Street)

I'd read great things about the pancakes here and they did not disappoint. I got a huge plate of blueberry pancakes and a big jug of maple syrup. Gemma is located in the East Village and is not too far from The Butcher's Daughter and Maman (see below).

The Butcher's Daughter (19 Kenmare Street)

Now this place has THE best vibe! The music was rocking and the waiters were dancing, I loved it. It was super busy but luckily being by myself I had the advantage of slipping into the last seat at the breakfast window. This place gave me oozes of inspiration and if I ever owned a cafe I wanted it to be just like this! I had an amazing plate of eggs and potato hash with a side of soda bread.

Ess-a-bagel (831 3rd Ave)

I was recommended this place by the lady I sat next to on the plane. She was a New Yorker and told me these were the best bagels in town. When I arrived, I patiently waited in line eyeing up all the crazy number of fillings they had in their counter, along with trying to decided from their 8 different bagels. I ended up going with Egg Mayo and Avo, although I soon learnt that Egg Mayo wasn't a thing and it's in fact called Egg Salad! The bagel really was good and Ess-a-bagel is definitely worth a visit!

Lunch / Dinner

Tavern On The Green (1 Tavern on the Green, 67th Street & Central Park West)

This place was the perfect stop by when visiting Central Park, I sat at the bar in the beer garden when I visited in the beautiful sunshine. I had myself some flat bread for a snack and then treated myself to a lovely chocolate fudge cake for dessert.

Las Tacos (Chelsea Market 75 9th Ave)

Again, this place was another recommendation from the lovely New Yorker I met on the plane. Visiting Chelsea market is a must, it very much reminded me of Camden Market in London with their   vast number of food stalls however this was all inside. I decided to go for Las Tacos' only veggie option which was Cactus Taco...yup that's right, Cactus! It was so good, I've never seen Cactus on a menu before but my oh my I hope to see it again soon as it was mighty delicious!

Sweet Treats 

You can guess what I ate most of whilst on my trip in New York...! 

Serendipity 3 (225 E 60th Street)

I'd heard great things about Serendipity's ice creams and after a day of walking around the city, which gave me THE most painful blisters I've every had, I felt I deserved ice cream! I opted for the cinnamon sundae which included a slice of apple pie, cinnamon ice cream and caramel sauce! It was massive and I ate it all, it was so worth it! There were some people next to me eating what looked like some amazing home cooked dishes too so this place is not only just for ice cream!

Magnolia Bakery (1240 Ave of the Americas)

I visited Magnolia Bakery twice whilst in New York. I couldn't help but get a sugar fix whilst walking past. I tried both a chocolate cupcake and a caramel one too. The chocolate was the best but they had a whole range of other sweet treats to oogle over. Their bakery in 200 Columbus Ave looked to have seating if you were wanting to take a rest whilst having a bite to eat.

Sprinkles Cupcake ATM (780 Lexington Ave)

I had to visit this ATM, I'd seen it on instagram quite a few times and needed to give it a go. I got myself a chocolate cookie as was not disappointed. The purchasing of it via the ATM was worth the $4 price tag. This place definitely deserves a visit, even if it's just for a photo opportunity!

Maman (239 Centre Street)

I can confirm Maman have THE best pretzel and white chocolate cookies! You must visit to just try these alone! Their cafes are also so beautifully presented and they look to have some yummy salads and quiches on the menu too so would be a great little place for coffee and lunch if you didn't just want cakes or cookies!

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