iPhone iRing

I always get questions from my friends as to what my iRing is so I thought I'd share it on the blog to help explain what I use it for and how much I love this piece of plastic and metal.

This thing is simply a stand for your phone and also something to allow you to hang your phone off your finger for extra protection. Sounds strange but it's ingenious! The metal ring spins 360 so it allows you to stand your phone up in both portrait and landscape positions - perfect for when watching those videos on YouTube! 

I also find it really useful when holding my phone, I simply slip a finger into the ring when texting and if for any reason I accidentally let go, the phone doesn't fall as it's got your finger hooked around the ring. I can't hold my phone now without having my finger hooked in it, it's like a safety blanket. It's also amazing for reducing those 'phone on face' situations when you're looking at your phone in bed whilst lying down. The amount of times I've nearly given myself a fat lip from dropping that thing onto my face! 

So where did I get it I hear you ask, Ebay and it only cost me a few pounds! It was very simple to attach, it comes with a super sticky sticker so you just peel off the plastic protection, choose where you want to place the iRing and then stick it down!

I personally like having mine in the middle of my phone as it then balances nicely when using the iRing for a stand, it's also in a great position to allow me to hook my finger in as I text.

I throughly recommend buying one and giving it a go. Also, for anyone interested in where I got my phone case from, it's a Trendz one from Sainsburys, I got it for £3, what a bargain!

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