Chocolate and Vanilla Oreo Cake

Yesterday I embarked on the biggest cake project ever. It included six layers of both chocolate blackout and vanilla buttermilk sponge covered in a vanilla Oreo buttercream!

This cake was created for my friend Steve's birthday (commissioned by my friend Sarah, who is Steve's girlfriend) and took about 5hrs overall. I'm still trying to perfect my chocolate drip, I either put it on  the cake too cold or too hot. This time it was slightly too hot, hence why the drips ran to the day I'll get it just right...! 

The recipe was based around two different Hummingbird Bakery recipes. One was their Chocolate Blackout cake and one was their Vanilla Cookie cake (minus the cookies). I then made some vanilla buttercream (I always use half butter to icing sugar ratio with a splash of vanilla extract and a dash of milk). I alternated layers of vanilla and chocolate sponge which was sandwiched with 1/3 of the buttercream. I then crumb coated another 1/3 on the outside of the cake. Once cooled in the fridge I added some blitzed up Oreos (roughly 4 cookies) to the remaining buttercream and then covered the outside of the cake. I chilled this for a bit and then made my chocolate drip using 100g of warm double cream mixed with 100g of chopped up milk chocolate. I then poured it onto the, cried a little as it dripped to the bottom and then ate the remaining ganache to cheer myself up!

Next I covered the top of the cake with more blitzed up Oreos. I covered the cake with mini and normal sized Oreos and then topped the cake with a random piece of chocolate. Since looking at the photos of the cake, all I can see is a person's face in this chocolate shard....but next time I want to try and make it ruffled *adds it to the list of things to do*. I then pipped some of the remaining buttercream around the cake with different sized nozzles and added the '30' candles. 

Overall I was rather proud of my perfectly imperfect cake, it tasted really good (which is a big plus) and I'm super proud that we transported it to the restaurant without breaking it!! 

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