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Since I moved into my house I have become more and more of a plant lady and this is something I'm becoming rather fond of. Since having bought more plants I've been needing to find some space to hold them, which is where project plant came in.

My porch has always been rather bare apart from my wooden duck, recycling box and the odd pair of muddy boots. I felt, seeing as this is the first 'room' people walk into when visited my house, why not make it look a little more inspiring.

The was to have a simple shelf and then something to allow me to hang plants from the ceiling. The end goal will be to have beautifully bright macrame plant hangers from the porch ceiling but for now I have a beautiful string of pearls to hang up somewhere in a plain old plant pot.

I was lucky whilst on my mission to rope in the help of my dad. We first went shopping to Wicks and I got myself a plank of wood which we cut up and placed on two battons either side of the porch to create a shelf. Dad then found in his magical garage a brass pole for me to hang my hanging plants from (so tempted to do a post on my dad's garage soon, it's like an Aladin's cave!). The pole had been painted white so I got my trusty sandpaper out and wire wool and got it all shiny and brassy again..!

Dad then drilled the pole into place and I then adorned the porch with my beautiful plants. I've got a spider plant, succulent, aloe vera and string of pearls so far.

The next plan for the porch will be to have a go at some macrame to hold up some new hanging plants. Possibly I was also stain the shelf as it's just plain pine at the moment and then I plan to buy a new door mat once I find one I like!

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