Eat, Pray, Love - My Review

This morning I finished Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert and I have to say, it moved me. At the age of 27 I had never read this book before, I had in fact read Liz's 'Big Magic' first which instigated me to read more of her work.

A review of Eat Pray Love

I won't lie, I wouldn't say Eat, Pray, Love was always an easy read but then again I don't feel the book was written in that way.  It's a memoir and for that reason, sometimes, things can get a bit deep, heavy and long.  What I can say is that this book touched my soul, sounds so cheesy but it really did.  I found myself projecting Liz's 'character' onto myself. I too had come out of a long term relationship, had been dabbling in the world of spiritual healing whilst trying to work out where in this universe I belonged.

Having now read this book I feel a sense of calm, that I'm choosing the right path with my life. I want to keep healing myself through happiness and travel, and what I want more than anything is to stay happy.

If you've never read this book before I definitely recommend it. Please read it with an open mind and open heart, you will thank me for it, I promise.

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