Paint Storage / Organiser - DIY

I love a good DIY project and what's better than creating a solution to a rather annoying problem.

Here lies the reason of why I created a new storage system for my tubes of watercolour paint.

I could never find the right watercolour tube when I needed it. I had essentially caused this problem myself when deciding to house my tubes of paint in a small material pencil case.

I'd purchased this material pencil case with no real thought as to what I'd use it for but when I found I needed somewhere to keep all my paints, this empty and lonely case felt like the perfect solution.... oh how I was wrong. The dark innards of my case made it really hard to pick out the right paint and it's small capacity meant that when my hand wiggled inside to pick up a tube, I'd loose a few paints as they'd spilled over the edge and fall behind my desk.

This lead me to do some searching on Pinterest (as you do) and was inspired to create my beautiful paint storage / organiser below. This organiser was created using a scrap of wood, 40mm nails, small bull dog clips (I got mine from Wilkinson), a hammer and some string.

  • I simply started placing a bull dog clip onto the top of each tube
  • I then laid out all the tubes onto the wood and decided where I wanted them all to hang
  • I drew a straight line along the top of where the paints had been laid out as to make sure they hung at the same level
  • I next got a nail and hammered this into the gap in each bull dog clip, I did this for all the tubes making extra hard not to hammer the paints instead of the nails 
  • Lastly, I decided with all the empty space I would have a little artwork area at the bottom to allow me to display some work. I wrote 'My Artwork' with my chalk pens and hung some string across the wood and fixing them to a nail either side

This has made life so much easier now when choosing my paints, I simply unhook the tubes from the nails, squeeze some out and then return.

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