Plant Based Cookbook - Eat Smart by Niomi Smart

Review of Niomi Smart's Plant Based Cookbook - Eat Smart. This post includes my thoughts on her vegan inspired Shepard's Pie, Meatballs and Nut Wellington.

What's the difference between vegan and plant based diets?

This is the question I asked myself when hearing the term 'plant based' for the first time after watching Niomi Smart on YouTube one day. I'd always assumed you were either a meat eater, vegetarian or vegan. I hadn't quite realised plant based was another lifestyle to choose from.

Having followed Niomi since the beginning of her blogging and YouTube career, this term plant based was something that cropped up on a regular basis as she transitioned to a new way of eating. In her book Niomi describes the difference between the terms vegan and plant based as vegan being "a diet and lifestyle that eliminates all animal products altogether - including honey - while a plant-based diet eliminates food products that come from animals, but can include honey..."

Since starting my fitness journey with Reform North Devon over 2 years ago now, I've completely changed the way I look at food. I've learnt about macros and what all the different nutrients do to fuel and heal my body. After also having found people like The Happy Pear and Deliciously Ella I'd come to realise that there was a different way of eating that would allow me to fuel my body in a healthy way without always eating meat.

I ordered Niomi's cookbook Eat Smart from Amazon and I've been cooking from this book for a couple of weeks now. So far I'm very impressed! All the food has been really tasty and nothing has been too hard to make.

Recipes I've enjoyed the most

Mexican Chilli Bowl
Shepard's Pie
Squashetti + 'Meatballs'
Bulgur Wheat Stuffed Courgettes

Surprisingly I already had most of the staple items in my cupboards but everything else was easy to find in the supermarket - there were no strange ingredients like some healthy recipes call for.

The recipes were very easy to work through and they didn't take too long to prep and cook and although they have simple ingredients the taste of the food was delicious!

I also love the feel of the book, it's on a gorgeous mat paper stock and the photography throughout is beautiful; it's definitely the kind of book you would want to keep on your coffee table! My only disappointment with the book is that there isn't always a photo next to every recipe, I always like to have something to work from when it comes to cooking new things.

If you're thinking about trying a new way of eating and feel that a plant based diet might be for you, I definitely recommend picking up a copy of Eat Smart and cooking up some of these delicious recipes!

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