Personalise Your Photo Frames

Do you ever find it's all too easy to take photos and then just do nothing with them? Having started taking photos on my film camera I've come to cherish the printing process, and now more than ever I've been wanting to fill my house with snapshots from my travels.

Add calligraphy to your photo frames using chalk pens and personalise with your holiday snaps

One day last week, I finally decided it was time to print my photos from New York! After trawling past the 100+ photos of cake that I'd taken, I whittled it down to a select few tourist snaps. Instead of keeping them all in a photo album I thought I'd go old school and create a collage then add a twist with some modern calligraphy.

If you're looking to print photos I definitely recommend using the website Snapfish. They're quick, efficient and normally always have discount codes floating around the internet.

When deciding on a frame I suggest going cheap to start with, especially if you've not used chalk pens before. This £2 baby pink frame from IKEA was the perfect guinea pig for me to try my graffitiing skills on.

For the calligraphy chalk text I suggest using ZIG painty FX or UNI Posca pens. These come in different colours and nib thicknesses, and are relatively easy to wipe off when needed. You can see in the video below I got a bit excited and then decided to wipe off my flourish!

I definitely recommend giving this project a go! Why not experiment with different coloured pens and frames for your different photos? My current theme in the living room is pink and blue so I went with a pink frame, pink and white pens and then photos which contained a lot of blue in them.

If you're interested in learning how to get into modern calligraphy then take a look at my previous post. Why not also join the club by signing up to my mailing list and keep up to date with my latest posts :)

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