Creating a Christmas Backdrop

Who else has gone alternative this Christmas? I recently set up this backdrop for my friend Sarah's Youtube video and it's made my living room bright and cheery.

After watching Sarah's Akwisombe's most recent video where both herself and her adorable daughter hung pom poms on their Christmas tree, it got me thinking of alternative ways I could also include pom poms in my house.

This backdrop was oh so simple and was created by hanging up a set of white Christmas lights and draping them from the ceiling using drawing pins. I then created these dream catcher inspired decorations by making pom poms (the old school way with cardboard and scissors) and then hung some shop bought baubles off the pom poms to create this dream catcher effect. The decorations were then hung up using some washi tape.

I love that Christmas gives you the chance to be creative and show you off through your interior decorations!

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