Free Christmas Creative and Fonts

Sometimes things in life really are free! I want to share with you two sites that are perfect for any budding creative and best of all, once a week, they give you access to free content!

Take a look at where she chats through both free design resource and creative market who both have a range of free psd, jpegs, pngs and fonts specifically for Christmas.

Whilst we're in the run up to Christmas it's a brilliant chance to grab some free creative and fonts, perfect for those last minute designs or even saving up ready for next year's projects.

My friend Georgie from Little Silver Photography kindly shared these sites with me and I'm so thankful she did. I've collected some amazing PSD files, JPEGs, PNGs and fonts from the two sites below and even better, the last few weeks they've all be festive themed!

Free Design Resource

This first site is great for icons, fonts and graphics. The image above was a PSD template from Free Design Resource (FDR) which I amended in Photoshop. If you're not someone who uses Photoshop, then not to worry; FDR have a brilliant stock of PNGs which work perfectly with programmes like Paint, Canva and Pixlr, so there's still loads of content for you to use.

Free Christmas PNGS, PDS, JPEGS and fonts

Creative Market 

Every week I open my Creative Market email with excitement to see what goodies they're giving away. This week there are 3 great Christmas specific items (see below) including a beautiful dear santa font, glitter deer PNGs and some bauble PSD templates. 

I really like using Creative Market and have downloaded not only some great fonts from here but also some beautiful textured backgrounds. Another thing that gives Creative Market a big thumbs up for me is that you can download their items straight into a dropbox account. This means there's no need to store all the big files on your computer, you can just easily access them from your account when needed.

Free Christmas PNGS, PDS, JPEGS and fonts

Although this post is specifically about free Christmas creative and fonts, both these sites provide you with generic free content throughout the year; they also have access to paid for items too which are all very reasonably priced.

Make sure you tag/tweet me in any of your creations when using content from these sites, I'd love to see them!

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