How To Create a Christmas Display - Anthropologie

In this post I will show you some key tips and tricks that Anthropologie in Bath, UK have used to create a beautiful range of Christmas displays in-store.

By using these tips and tricks it will enable you to create your Christmas display at home on a much smaller scale but giving the same dramatic impact.

This Christmas display is from Bath Anthropologie in the UK.

Colour Scheme

Pick a colour scheme of roughly no more than 3 colours. This will make your items much easier to put together when creating your display. Using this Anthropologie example you can see they've used two key colours, white and gold, with a dash of red.

Use of 3 colours

Odd Numbers

Use odd numbers in your display such as 1, 3, 5. The rule of 3 is very important to remember. This Anthropologie Christmas display highlights this nicely.

Sounds strange but it's a very important rule to remember when creating displays. People are drawn to the middle of a group of items. By having 1, 3 or 5 items, it allows the person to easily focus in the middle. When you have even numbers it makes it much harder. You can see here Anthropologie have used a range of 1, 3 and some 5's in their display. Try giving this rule a go when creating your display, you'll be surprised by how you probably prefer the display with odd numbers.


Using pyramids shapes with your products help people to focus on the top item and give height in your displays. This Anthropologie Christmas display shows this off nicely.

Pyramids are one way of creating a mini display within an overall display. The important thing to remember about this is you should always put the most important item at the top of your pyramid, this will normally be the most eye catching item, maybe the items with the most colour or impact. In this example the large soup bowl is at the very top of the pyramid, this item is one of the largest products and is also quite a grand statement piece. The other pyramid example in this image shows the larger plate sitting at the top, this is also in a contrasting colour to the rest of the table.


The use of gradient is important to help lead people's eyes to other area of the room or another items. This Anthopologie example works great for that.

The importance of creating a gradient is to lead people's eyes to somewhere else, in window displays you'd notice most will slope towards the store's entrance. This is a great way of encouraging people to visit the store. When creating your display at home you might want it lead into another room or towards another display. In this example the display lead towards the main entrance which has many other displays leading from it.

If you're interested in learning more about visual merchandising and display techniques, have a read of my previous Visual Merchandising post where I give my review on the online short course from University of The Arts London. Also, make sure you follow me in Pinterest as I pin a lot of display inspiration on there.

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