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This post is to declare my love for Pinterest, to share my page details with you and to encourage you all to fall down the rabbit hole that is Pinterest inspiration!

Pinterest if the perfect place to find your handmade Christmas gift ideas and also homemade Christmas decorations. Check out my Christmas craft idea board for lots of inspiration.

Number one, come and join me on Pinterest then give me a hollah via twitter or instagram and let me know what your Pinterest page is! I've started a fresh account so I'd love to find some likeminded pages to follow :)

Why Pinterest Is The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread? 

I hate to say it but it is, for anyone like me who loves a bit of organisation, this is the perfect place to organise your inspiration. Simple and easy to do, it gives you the space to find all those perfect ideas and to store them in one place. Since we're in the run up the Christmas, Pinterest is the place to go and search for those craft and DIY projects such as homemade Christmas decorations and handmade gifts.

I recently found a large cardboard tube at work and decided to do a search on Pinterest for "Christmas Cardboard Tube" I was pleasantly surprised with the range of ideas there were. What's more, if you don't find what you're looking for, make sure when you've had the perfect idea, take a photo of it and get it onto Pinterest yourself. If you've been searching for something, you can make darn sure someone else has too!

If you're a bit stuck for Christmas ideas then why not have a peek at my  Christmas Craft Idea board,  I'll be updating it throughout December :)

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