Why Everyone Should Label Their Food Jars

After having not trained for a few months now, I'm back on track with my 8 week challenge at Reform in North Devon. I've trained on and off for two years and there's nothing better than that feeling of being back 'on it' again.

Getting your cupboards in order is the first port of call, simply having the right kind of ingredients can make such a difference when it comes to eating right and labeling your jars makes the process so much more fun!

Here are my top 3 ways of labeling:

Modern Calligraphy 

Any chance for me to write something in modern calligraphy and I'm there. I wrote on a piece of card and stuck it to my jar using double sided tape. I recommend using this type of label for products that you won't use up quickly, such as rice or lentils, as it won't fair well when washing up. If you're interested in giving modern calligraphy a go, make sure you read my previous blog post on how I got started.

Dymo Label Maker 

I love my Dymo and when I first got it, the urge to label everything was very strong! Mine's a manual Dymo so it stamps a letter into the tape rather than printing it out. These labels easily peel off and you should get a couple of uses from this if you need to take it off to wash up.

Chalk Pen 

Chalk pens are great and that is a fact! I used a POSCA chalk pen which will wipe off with water but you can also get permanent pens from painty fx which will stay on even when washing. This is great when you don't want to faff about with cutting and sticking and just quickly want to write something on.

Let me know if you give any of these ideas a go. Also, check out my new year's resolutions for this year and to get yourself a FREE printable to track your new year's resolutions on!

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