Make Your Own Weaving Loom In 4 Easy Steps!

If you're like me and have a slight obsession with wool wall hangings / wall art at the moment (check out my pinterst board for inspiration) then this is the perfect 'How To' for you!

With 4 easy steps you can create your own weaving loom to help transforms your lust of a wall hangings into a reality.

Step 1 

Find an old photo frame and pop out the back and the glass. You can use either wooden frames or plastic PVC type ones like below

Step 2

Face the frame downwards and mark, using a ruler, 1cm dots along the top and the bottom of the frame. You want an even number of points along the top and bottom and you need them to be in line with each other. 

Step 3

Take your nails and hammer them along the 1cm markings.

Tip - try hammering your nail onto a test part of the frame first to make sure it won't split the frame and to practice not hammering the nail in too far. If you're using a wood frame and it starts to split you can drill a small hole in each point before hammering in the nail. 

Step 4 

Warp the loom by tieing a piece of thin wool onto the top left hand nail, pull this down to the bottom left hand corner nail and loop it back up to the top second left hand corner nail and back down to the bottom second leaft hand corner nail etc all the way until you get to the last nail. Tie it around the last nail nice and tight.

Tip - keep your wool nice and tight as you warp up the loom. 

TA DA! Here you have your very own weaving loom. Keep an eye on the blog as I'll be sharing my hints and tips on the types of weaves you can create on your loom.

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