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I just had to share this beautiful shop with you as it's every stationery lover's dream (especially mine)! Papersmiths specialise in design-led stationery and paper goods and is located in Clifton Village, Bristol.

I've been there twice now and I could honestly spend hours trying out all the pens, reading through the independent magazines, looking at all the beautiful artwork. Then there's the notebooks.... so many notebooks!

My model *aka friend* Morgan

The way Papersmiths curate their products makes the Visual Merchandiser in me smile. I'm such a sucker for beautiful products and beautiful displays *ok ok, I'll try not to gush too much more*.

Basically, what I'm trying to tell you is that you need to visit this store and experience it for yourself!

I left the store feeling super inspired. I just wanted to run back and start sketching or getting out my calligraphy pens and start writing something. It has almost an art gallery vibe where every product has been meticulously placed to show it off in the best way possible, you feel a bit in awe once you leave.

Can I just also mentioned the colours. You can see by the photo, there's so many colours involved in the displays, be that through the beautiful artwork on the windows of the rich colours of the stationery. The whole store was good looking. Can you say that about a store? Well I just did!

I hope this has inspired you to swing by next time you're in the Bristol area. Tag me on Instagram if you visit, I'd love to see your photos.

Where to find them: 6A Boyces Avenue, Clifton Village, Bristol, BS8 4AA. 

Click here to visit their website

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