Reverse Engineer Your Truth

I heard a quote from Gary Vaynerchuck this morning which said "reverse engineer your truth". These words really resonated with me, so much so that I ran to write it down in my bullet journal before I forgot what he said. Isn't that such a great way to look at your creative life though? 

What is that one final thing you want to have achieved with your life. Is it to photograph the queen? Maybe it's to have curated your own art display in your favourite gallery. Or simply it might be to have created the most Instagramed dessert in the world?

Either way, if you have this one pinnacle end goal for your creative dream, then all you can do is work back from that. Thinking this way seems to give me some peace as I know whatever my goal is, it's going to take a long time to get there. There's no rush to get to the end, just take each day as it comes and enjoy them in the best way you can.

What's your truth?

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