Soaking Up Inspiration

I've been having a bit of an artist lull recently. I've been reading so many creative marketing articles online, mainly for work, but realised I've hardly spent any time off my laptop and in my office painting things.

The pebble and the road

Today I went to The Burton Art Gallery in Bideford, North Devon and viewed their Wilhelmina Barns-Graham prints exhibition curated by Ann Gunn. This was the perfect inspiration I needed to get back my painting mojo.

The watermelon (named by me)
The prints were so beautiful, I'm such a sucker for abstract art; my mum, on the other hand, wasn't so much of a fan. I saw so many different things when looking at Wilhelmina's art (love her name by the way) and that's what really makes me enjoy abstract pieces. I also have a 'thing' for naming artwork like this because they sometimes remind me of rorschach test, different people see different things. Check out the captions for the names I chose for them.

The trendy spider (named by me)
If you're in the area, I definitely recommend you go visit the gallery. The exhibition will be on until 14th May. I also recommend getting a toasted tea cake and a cup of tea at Cafe Collective ;)

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