Print Making at Burton Art Gallery

I recently visited The Burton Art Gallery in Bideford, Devon for a Print Making Course with Sarah Young.

I'd never done print making before so I wasn't sure what to expect but it was such a fun, creative day! I learnt a range of techniques from collagraph printing to intaglio printing which included both sticking things onto the medium and scratching things off the medium.

I would love another day to try these processes again, I feel like I was just getting the hang of it by the end of the course. Making abstract pieces is so much fun and my favourite one I made was the purple one above. I tried to create a grass scene with mountain and stars (told you it was abstract haha). I also had lots of fun incorporating my modern calligraphy in with the process, especially attempting to write backwards.

Take a look at my video below to see all the prints I created and how I created them, make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel too as I'll be updating regularly with creative videos and updates on my travels to Canada.

If you're interested in trying something new, I definitely recommend print making. Sarah has a range of print making courses around the Devon and Cornwall area so go check out her website.

Lauren :)

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