Creating A Piece Of Embroidery Art

I've finally finished my hoop artwork! It was just in time as I've only got 3 more days until I move to Vancouver! This also allowed me to tick another thing off my new year's resolution list (interested in what's on my list, go take a read). 

This piece was inspired by the brilliant Elizabeth Pawle. I love looking at her work on Instagram and feeling so in awe of all the beautiful colours and textures that she creates. My version was far simpler but surprisingly took a few hours to create. There were many times I had to unpicked colours or recreate new shapes as I didn't feel like it was working. 

I definitely recommend you give something like this a go. I created mine with hessian, a range of wools and some embroidery thread. If you create your own piece of hoop artwork, make sure you tag me as I'd love to take a look :) 

Why not also check out my interview with Cinder & Honey where they give you their top 5 tips for budding embroiderers. 

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