What If Beyoncé Thought This?

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I heard a great line from Marie Forleo a little while ago when she was giving advice to people who felt their business ideas had already been tried and tested so haven't given them a go. She said something along the lines of

“What if Beyoncé thought this when she started out her singing career” and it really stuck with me.  Think about any of the great business out there that you admire, what if they woke up with their idea and thought “I’ve got a great idea but other people are kinda doing similar things”, their business would never have been born!

I think the “What if Beyoncé thought this” idea can be applied to many other things such as releasing new products or even your new website layout you’ve been thinking of making. Don't get me wrong, there's no point starting a business if it's literally copying a bigger more established one but just because you want to open up your own card shop and Paperchase is already doing its thing, doesn't mean your store couldn't become bigger and better in some way.

If you don’t give it your darn hardest try then you’ll never know if it will succeed or not. It takes a lot of hard work to get where Beyoncé is but if she never started, she would have never reached this pinnacle.

Go take that idea you’ve had for a while and start making it into a reality, you never know where it might just lead you.

P.S This is not a promotion for Beyoncé music, I'm more an indie / alternative kind of girl. Why not check out Alex Winston - Sister Wife for some musical inspiration. 

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