Business Cake - Who Are They?

Without understanding who your audience is, it’s very hard to plan your marketing.

Let’s say you’re a T-Shirt company. You make ethical screen printed Ts with geometric pattens for women. The T-shirts are soft with bright designs and look amazing with a pair of mum jeans. You want to try and work out where best to market your T-Shirts.

To start, we shall answer the below questions about the T-Shirt business, you can also do this for your own business too. Just go with your gut instinct for these answers and who you feel you're aiming your product to.

Who is my audience?

What gender is my product for: Women
What age range is my audience: 18 - 40
Where do my customers live: UK
Media they use: Read magazines such as "Cereal", use Facebook and Instagram
What do my customers like to do: They’re creative people who like to feel creatively fashionable
What do my customers care about the most: That the product is affordable, ethical and high quality
How will my audience tell others about my product: They will tell their friends and family where its from because they're engaged with the brand and believe in the manifesto. They will share  information in person and via social media.

Once you have the above answers you can now make a 2D character for someone that really embodies your audience. Again, just make this up and go with your gut.

Name: Lily
Age: 32
Occupation: Illustrator
Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, Polaroid Swing
Life: She’s a mum of two and owns very few “nice” casual clothes that haven’t yet been covered in yoghurt or baby sick. She wants to buy a top that fits with her ethical values and is stylish enough to wear on a night out with her friends.

There is no RIGHT or WRONG way of answering these questions or making this character. The above is the type of people you want to sell to.

Now we have the above information we can start filtering this down and working out what marketing you could do to target these people. Keep an eye out for more audience related posts coming soon.

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Photo Credit: What Oliva Did

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