I Fell In Love With Claude Monet

This week I visited Vancouver Art Gallery to take a look at the Secret Garden exhibition by Claude Monet. I knew of Monet, having learnt about him in school, but I hadn't quite appreciated his work until now.

Pastel oil paintings

My favourite paintings were those that contained these gorgeous purple and pastel oils! These paintings were so large and although looking at them quickly you'd think it's all just been chucked on the canvas, getting up close you could see his meticulous brush strokes (see image above).

Secret Garden

I also loved seeing the layers of oil painting that created these beautiful swirl like shapes. 

Secret Garden

It's amazing how much going to an art gallery can inspire you. I'd love to give oil painting a go one day. I'm currently travelling around Canada but I'm secretly looking forward to settling down somewhere and buying a few art bits (my bag is so full at the moment, I just about fit a new notebook in it last week..!)

If you're in the Vancouver area, I definitely recommend you giving it a visit, you can find out more here.

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