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How to use instagram hashtags and where to find the right instagram hashtags

There’s so many things I could say about Instagram but I wanted to dedicate this article specifically to Hashtags; where to find them and how to use them.

According to Google, hashtags are "a word or phrase preceded by a hash sign (#), used on social media websites and applications, especially Twitter, to identify messages on a specific topic"

I however personally like to describe hashtags as "those friends who invite you to a party to meet all their like minded friends but once you get to the party they don’t introduce you to anyone (they’re too busy getting drunk) and you kinda have to introduce yourself by smiling at people or starting a conversation".

There are so many hashtags out there with new ones being created each day like #LaurenWellandMakesAmazingCakes (I’ll get this trending one day) but to get your marketing game on you need to spend time researching the kind of people you want to hang out with, the kind of friends you’re looking for and the kind of hashtags that will get you to meet others with similar interests.

How to find the best hashtags for your business

1. Start with the people you follow. More than likely you follow people who are in the same industry as you and those who have the same interests. You want to start with those who have a great engagement (number of likes and comments). Check out their posts and make a list of all the hashtags they’re commonly using.
2. Start typing these hashtags into Instagram to find out what kind of “party” there is. Is this the kind of place you want to be advertising your stuff? Are the people here your target market (see my previous audience post). If so, pop this hashtag in your “to keep” list. Keep doing this with all the hashtags you’ve found.
3. Now you have a bank of hashtags that link with your business, start using them. You can use up to 30 in each post so I recommend using the ones that directly relate to your business most. Try pick ones that aren't being used my millions as you'll be drowned out. You can work out how many people are using that hashtag once you start to type it in, instagram will automatically show you recommendations and the number of people that are using them. Be consistent with using your hashtags and keep your eye out for any new hashtags that might bring you a better following. 
4. If you’re feeling rather excited, why not go ahead and start your own hashtag. Join up with some of your fellow Instagrammers who have similar audiences. This will not only help you share audiences (more info on that here) but you will be reaching your perfect audience because you’ve set the tone for the party.

I know these points can seem pretty straight forward but it’s surprising how so many people want to reach more people on Instagram but won’t put the time in to research the right kind of hashtags.

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