How To Crochet - Beginners Tips

So in a previous post I gave myself the task to create a crochet cactus plant. Since having started my crochet journey I thought I'd pass on my tips I've learnt along, along with a few useful links.

1. Choose a pattern 

Choosing a pattern is the first step in learning crochet, picking a project that you really want to complete will give you the determination to NOT GIVING UP! The patten I'm using for my cactus project is this one

2. Lean to chain stitch 

This is a very simple stitch (in crochet terms). The best video I found was by simply daisy on YouTube. She crochets super slow and her video is very easy to follow.

3. Practice, practice, practice

This may seem like an obvious tip but honestly the old saying is true "practice makes perfect". It took me a good three attempts to get my chain stitch to not have any gaps in it! When you go wrong just unravel what you've done and start again. Each time you practice you're one step closer to completing your project!

Keep an eye out for more crochet posts as I complete my goal of creating a crocheted cactus plant!

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