Exploring my impact on the environment

Hi, I'm Lauren, welcome to my corner of the internet. I'm an abstract artist with a love for the colour pink and a passion for the environment.

My art is inspired by my personal exploration into climate change, deforestation and other environmental issues. Through my art I hope to raise awareness around these topics and in turn inspire others to learn more about these environmental issues.

I'm always open to collaborations, so please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. Why not follow me over on Instagram and get to know me better.


Storytelling with ink

This workshop focuses on how to bring a story to life, from a small idea to a final finished piece of abstract work.

Within this 2 hour workshop you’ll learn a range of techniques to help share your story. We'll start with creating beautiful ink blots and then move onto mark making techniques with nib and ink, to help build your story further on the page.

Finally we'll bring everything together and finish off your artwork with mixed mediums (acrylic paints, pens, pencil, pastels, and pencil crayons).

Everyone will leave the workshop with at least one piece of finished artwork. All materials are included.

Interested in hosting this workshop? Send me an email at hello@laurenwelland.com

Art Battle - April 27th 2019, The Red Room, VancouverSticky Show - March 30th, 2019, Arts Factory VancouverMade From Scraps - March 2nd 2019, SPACE Vancouver



Lauren Welland, Poetry and Acrylic Artist, Vancouver

Find out more about my exploration into my lifetime use of plastic razors Violet.

Before I Knew, Now I Know

Lauren Welland, Poetry and Acrylic Artist, Vancouver

Find out more about my personal journey of moving to Canada in my series Before I Knew, Now I Know.

Sticky Show

Lauren Welland, Poetry and Acrylic Artist, Vancouver

Find out more about my work at the group Sticky Show.

Made From Scraps

Find out more about my work at the Made From Scraps group show.


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Made From Scraps

Made From Scraps - This piece was created for a group show organised by Vancouver Art Community and SPACE.

40 + artists were each given a square tile of hemlock wood to do with whatever they wanted.

I decided against painting directly onto the wood tile; I loved the idea of having my painting raised so you could see the beautiful knots of the hemlock wood. I painted onto birch plywood using heavy body acrylic paints. My inspiration was the birth of a tree sapling growing out of an old dying tree. I always feel like it's so beautiful to witness that in the forests. Using my go to pinks and burnt oranges as a base, I finished my painting with a seed growing out of the hemlock wood's crack.

I kept the whole piece rather rustic looking on purpose. I varnished and lightly sanded down the hemlock wood, I also kept the edges around the birch plywood unpainted. I used aluminium ferrules to raise the painting off the hemlock. Finally I hammered it all together with brass nails!

Lauren Welland, Made From Scraps, SPACE, Clark Drive

Sticky Show

Lauren Welland, Poetry and Acrylic Artist, Vancouver

I created 8 pieces of artwork for HotArtWetCity's Post-it note show at The Art Factory, Vancouver.

140 + artists took part in this show and we each created between 6-10 pieces of art on post-it notes.

The inspiration around my artwork was focused on my learnings from the palm oil industry. I first started by doing research into the impact of this industry on our environment. This then allowed me to start drawing shapes from the research, such as trees, fruit and products that contain palm oil. I then abstracted these drawings into lines and symbols which in turn I pulled into my artwork.

I'm always looking at ways to reduce my waste in my art practice so I used left over paint from a previous body of work. Of course, it was pink ;)

Overall the impact of the palm oil industry is vast. If you're interested in finding out more about its impact, you can watch this video.

"Tracts of land are being cleared to make way for palm plantations, releasing vast quantities of CO2 into the atmosphere and giving poachers easy access to endangered Helmeted Hornbills" - Audubon 2016


In June 2019 I went back to England to visit my parents. After going through my remaining boxes in their loft, I came across my great aunt Violet's 80 year old reusable razor. I had been recently looking for a new reusable one, but instead, I was so lucky to get to reuse hers!

I decided to create a series dedicated in her name to explore my use of plastic razors over my lifetime.

The mark making in these pieces was very line focused which highlighted: razor blades, strokes of the razor while cutting, the numerous numbers of plastic razors I've used over my lifetime, along with the number of individual hairs that have been cut.

The colours were made using acrylic paint, this was to highlight my skin tone and the razor blade cuts I've endured since shaving.

The final white line was made using my Molotow white acrylic pen, to highlight one final cut from my plastic razor.

Before I Knew, Now I Know

Lauren Welland, Poetry and Acrylic Artist, Vancouver

Before I knew, now I know is a personal project for me. Within this series I created 13 pieces, the smaller of the lot are on watercolour paper, the larger 3 are on recycled Bristol Paper.

The meaning behind these pieces focus on my journey from Devon, UK to Vancouver, Canada. With intricate lines made using my Nikko G nib, I focused on all the lessons I've learnt and the changes I've made towards reducing my impact on the environment. The ink blots are a nod to my psychology days with take on the rorschach inkblot tests. You see what you need to see in these pieces. For me, many of them show turmoil and light at the end of the tunnel.

I added an abstracted shape of mountains onto each piece to represent my move to Vancouver - this was made using my reusable Molotow acrylic pen.

I then finally "signed" each piece with pink acrylic paint.