Hi I'm Lauren, an artist and environmental activist.

Through both my paintings and poetry I work hard to share information about our climate and to help inspire others to make changes to protect the future of our planet.

I'm always open to collaborations, so please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. Why not follow me over on Instagram and get to know me better.

Monthly Links

As an environmental activist I always seek to share content that will help inform and support people in their change to protecting our planet.

Greta Thunberg - TEDx talk
Sophie Hellyer - TEDx talk


Made From Scraps - March 2nd 2019, 7pm at SPACE

Made From Scraps - This piece was created for a group show organised by Vancouver Art Community and SPACE.

40 + artists were each given a square tile of hemlock wood to do with whatever they wanted.

I decided against painting directly onto the wood tile; I loved the idea of having my painting raised so you could see the beautiful knots of the hemlock wood. I painted onto birch plywood using heavy body acrylic paints. My inspiration was the birth of a tree sapling growing out of an old dying tree. I always feel like it's so beautiful to witness that in the forests. Using my go to pinks and burnt oranges as a base, I finished my painting with a seed growing out of the hemlock wood's crack.

I kept the whole piece rather rustic looking on purpose. I varnished and lightly sanded down the hemlock wood, I also kept the edges around the birch plywood unpainted. I used aluminium ferrules to raise the painting off the hemlock. Finally I hammered it all together with brass nails!

Currently on sale at SPACE, 522 Clark Drive, Vancouver $150. Contact SPACE for more information.

Lauren Welland, Made From Scraps, SPACE, Clark Drive


La Terre

Withered heights,
formal flights,
looking down upon the earth.
Tend to soul,
fail to know,
or understand what we've done


Are you a figure of my imagination, guiding me slowly towards this temptation?

How loud do I sing before you hear the pain I hold and the laughter in between

The aches and pains,
we do it again,
fall into a sleepy vortex

March 2019
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Lauren Welland, Poetry and Acrylic Artist, Vancouver