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Lauren Welland Creative Coach and Marketing Consultant

My name is Lauren Welland,  a creative marking coach for illustrators and graphic designers. I help clients to flourish their business ideas and create impactful marketing strategies to help grow their brands. 

Having previously worked at a leading UK marketing agency as well as running the marketing for a UK shopping centre (with brands such as M&S, Nike and GAP) I decided to leave the corporate marketing world in search of a slower pace of life. In July 2017 I moved to Vancouver, Canada where I set up my coaching business. I now am able to practice what I preach by giving myself time to make meaningful connections with creative business owners as well as work on my business at a pace that fits my lifestyle.

Marketing doesn't have to be confusing and it doesn't have to take up all your time. I work hard to create opportunities for clients to produce their own marketing plans that will support their business goals.

As well as being a marketing coach I'm an environmentalist and a big plant lover. I'm forever drawing and bu. You can find out more about me over on my Instagram


  • Making Connections - I encourage the creation of meaningful connections with both current customers, potential customers and other business owners. It's all too easy to push your marketing upon people but when you make thoughtful engaging connections, not only are you marketing your business in an enjoyable way but you're also creating a happy environment to work in. 
  • Sharing my knowledge - I love what I do and I spend a lot of time learning new marketing techniques and delving deeper into the industry. I know that you may not have the time to do this yourself so I want to make your life easier by sharing as much as I can about what I've learnt and I do this through both my coaching calls and blog posts
  • Environmentally Conscious -  Caring about the environment is both a personal and business value for me, this means I will always prioritise working with creative business owners who are conscious of their business' impact to the environment.
  • Taking Time - I have a strong belief that investing in ourselves is just as important as investing in marketing. Therefore I will always encourage taking time with both marketing your business and taking time for yourself to become creativity charged. 



What I do in a nutshell

  • Coaching - I support illustrators and graphic designers to flourish their business ideas and dreams, to work through any marketing blocks and to encourage a healthy work life balance. I also help in the creation of marketing strategies to support illustrators and designers to move their businesses in the directions they want to go. 
  • Sharing Knowledge - I give away a range of free marketing and business resources here on my website, via my resource pagenewsletter and over on Instagram @laurenwelland
Lauren Welland Creative Coach and Marketing Consultant

I'd love to hear from you so if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me. You can find out more about my coaching over on my work with me page. Get to know me better by following me over on Instagram @laurenwelland

I appreciate you swinging by and hope that you find laurenwelland.com the perfect place for inspiration and motivation with marketing your creative business. 

Lauren :)