Podcasts For Creative Entrepreneurs

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1. How to curate your life - lizzie evans

I first heard about this podcast via Charlotte from Betty Magazine. If you don't already follow Charlotte, where have you been? She is the lady of Instagram stories, along with Sarah Akwisombe (who you must also give a follow)! Anyway, I digress... Lizzie Evans the owner of Smug has created this beautiful and uplifting podcast for creative people like us. Her and her guests focus on how they created a life they love whilst also sharing their insights into being entrepreneurs. Some of her guests have included Teri Muncey from The Lovely Drawer, Emma Sibley from London Terrariums and Anna Newton from The Anna Edit (who is my official fashion muse in life).  

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2. Elsie gets crafty - Elise Blaha Cripe

This is the perfect pick and and mix for all creative entrepreneurs. Elise talks to her guests about how they got started in their creative field as well as getting tips and tricks about having a successful career in the arts. My fave episode was a really recent one with Erin Barret of Sunwoven. I'd been following Sunwoven on Insta for a long time now, if you're a weaving fan like me you must give Erin a follow. I was so interested to hear that Erin's background was in fact in ballet and she's actually a self taught weaver who now works with brands such as Athropolie (I love a good back story).

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3. Soulful PR - Janet Murray

This is a personal fave of mine, it's not so much focused on interviewing creative entrepreneurs but has loads of amazing business content for all your creative business people out there. This podcast covers everything from  what content should you put on your website all the way through to how to get great PR for your brand. This podcast is a must for all creative business owners.

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4. Filler Podcast- Matt Shore and Harry Hitchens

Although it's an oldie but I wanted to include this one as it was my entry into the world of podcasting which means a lot to me as nearly 2 years later I have a lot to thank podcasts for. This includes keeping me sane on commutes to work each morning, keeping me company whilst traveling  around Canada and in general bringing me a lot of knowledge about creativity and business. This podcast is a very informal one, it takes place in a coffee shop setting so theres a nice atmosphere in the background. I recommend making a cup of tea and cutting yourself a slice of cake whilst listening to this one. Many of the interviewees are influencers and friends of Matt and Harry's so you'll feel like you're sat down at the table with them.



Do you have any favourite podcasts? I'd love to hear, send me a message via email or Instagram