6 Blogging Tips for Businesses

 Notebook by:  Clap Clap

Notebook by: Clap Clap

First question you may ask is "what are the benefits of blogging?" well I have many answers for you, here are my top 3. 

  1. It's a great way to connect with your audience and brings brand loyalty to your business
  2. It's another chance for you to market your service or product
  3. Search engines like fresh content so if you want your website to reach the top page of google, blogging will help you towards this. 

So there's my 3 reasons why you should start blogging and not here are my top 6 tips for blogging for your business.  


6 Blogging Tips for Businesses



1. Identify your goal

What is the real reason behind each blog post. Is it to give your customers behind the scenes information about your product or service or is it to get them to sign up to your mailing list. For me, I see my posts as inspiring and informational but in the end I'd always look to have people engage with my business and to sign up to mailing list. My end goal from that would be to engage with potential customers who would be interested in having me as their marketing consultant. 

2. Keep it simple 

Try not to use abbreviations, acronyms or long words (unless it directly relates to your industry), keep things simple for your readers. For example, with this post I could have just written one long post with all my tips and tricks but by splitting this post into 6 key sections it makes it easier for people to read and take the information in easily. 

3. Consistency is key 

To keep your readers coming back you need to be consistent with your posts. Posting the odd one here and there just won't allow you to get the most out of blogging. For me, I post Mondays, Wednesdays and Sundays. Every Monday I share my Creative Crush for that week, Wednesdays and Sunday's are split between marketing articles or creative posts

4. Create a content schedule 

Creating a schedule will help you with point number 3 "being consistent". Having a schedule with a plan for your next 3 months' blog posts will help you with your consistency and also your mental health; you don't want blogging to be a stress on your business you want it to be easy and fun.  Look at the next 3 months and plan out ideas for blog posts. Keep a few sections free for those last minute ideas but otherwise you can start drafting posts in advance and then finalise them nearer the time.

5. Reuse and repurpose content 

Reusing content is a great way to help reinforce to your audience what types of posts you do. For example I've talked multiple times about modern calligraphy. Some of these posts have similar content but each post has a different goal in mind. Once you've been blogging for a little while you can also talk about old content, for example we're coming up to the festive season so I'll be talking about my DIY Christmas Tree post and my homemade Christmas wrapping paper post which I wrote last year. 

6. Be keyword smart

As much as you want to bring value and blog about things that interest both you and your audience, you also need to be smart about the types of words you're using. I always recommend having a look at Google's keyword planner before you write your blog posts. You want to see what kind of questions your clients / customers are asking Google about the particular blog topic you're going to post about. You can then make sure you use those words in your blog post. For example, with this post I noticed via keyword planner there was a high number of people searching for "benefits of blogging" I therefore made sure at the beginning of this post that I answered that question. 

I hope these 6 tips have inspired to give blogging a go if you haven't already. You want it to be fun, engaging but you also need an end goal for each post and also be strategic in the types of keywords your using. 

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