Sing It From The Rooftops

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I recently read a comment on a Facebook group that said "I'm so sad, I opened my Etsy shop over two ago months now and I'm yet to have a sale", the person left a link to her shop and asked what she could change to increase her sales.

After reading her comment I was expecting to see some drab photos and an unsellable product. To my surprise her artwork was beautiful and the photography was on-point. I went back to the comment section and saw that she'd mentioned "It's a bit of a side hustle so I've not shouted about it, maybe that's one issue".

She hit the nail on the head, right there, right then. That's a BIG issue.

How can you run a business, keep it secret and expect people to find you. Everyone knows how much competition there is in this world so you have got to be willing to sing about your business and not only that, sing it from the rooftops baby! 

I urge you if you’re running your creative business and have yet to share it with your friends and family, do it! These people are going to be key to help you launch your business. Make their life as easy as possible - send them a quick two line summary of what your business or product is and what you do. Give them some photos they can use to share on their social media, heck, why not throw in a few business cards too. If you have a team of people shouting your name from the rooftops, customers are going to hear, there’s no doubt about that. 

I'll be listening out for your name!

Lauren :)