The Hook Model

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What is The Hook Model?

The Hook Model was created by Nir Eyal and is a way of showing how people can become loyal and hooked to your brand through 4 simple steps. It initially starts with an internal or external trigger which then leads to someone to perform an action, thirdly once they've received a reward from this action it then leads to investment in a brand or product. The difference between Eyal's model vs many others that have been produced in the past is that Eyal's encourages the rewards to be varied. 


Why as a Creative Entrepreneur should I care?

I think this model is a great way to work through your customer's journey. You get a brilliant insight into what their issues or problems might be which your brand could help solve. It highlights what actions they're currently taking to engage with your brand. You get to think about how you might build loyalty for your brand more through multiple rewards. Lastly it gets you to think about how you can measure investment. 

Overall it's a great step in working out to how to get people Hooked to your brand and it won't take long to set out the plans. See below for an Illustrator's hook example.

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The Hook Model example

You're an illustrator who specialises in prints of floral illustrations. 

1.  Trigger

The external trigger for your potential customer could be that they see your Instagram post announcing your latest floral print is ready to buy. Another external trigger might be them seeing your  Facebook advert which is advertising your new online shop update, this includes an image of one of your floral prints. An Internal trigger could be your potential customer has just made space for a new print on their wall and they really want to fill it with a floral illustration.  

2. Action

For the external trigger the potential customer's action might be to click through to your shop via your Instagram profile and purchase a print. Or, if they saw the Facebook ad, click through to your website from your advert and buy a print. The action for the internal trigger might be to search for inspiration on Pinterest of "Pink Floral Artwork", they then come across an image of your prints which clicks through to your website, they then purchase a piece of your work. 

3. The Reward

The reward options could be they might receive a personal note from you to say thank you for your support once the print arrives. Or maybe you give them 10% off voucher for their next purchase. You could have even sent them a free pack of floral stickers you've designed with their print. You could email them a link after they've purchased the print which gives them a free wallpaper download for their phone. 

You only want to do one or two rewards at a time as it's important to remember that based on this model (to keep them hooked to your brand) the customer must receive a varied reward each time they interact with your brand.

4. The Investment

Their investment in your brand would be to come back to you again when they need a new piece of artwork. They might even recommend you to a friend. They were so happy with your artwork they started following you on all social media and even signed up to your mailing list.


How To Use This Model

Using this model is a great way to think about the customer process. First you must understand who your audience is and how you might find them, you can read more about that in my "who are they" post. Once you know your audience you can start tracking their journey and planning for how you will reward them and get them invested in your business.

  • Trigger: What kind of internal triggers might people have which you could use to help people buy your product or service? What kind of external triggers could you produce to draw people in?
  • Action: How can you make the action for your potential customer as simple as possible so they can get their reward? 
  • Varied Reward: How could you keep the reward varied each time?
  • Investment: What could you use as a measure for investment? How can you reward people to invest with you as this will help bring them back into the Hook again. 

Need any help working out how The Hook Model could apply to your business, send me a message via Instagram or drop me an email at :)


Initial image by: Mr Bingo

The Hook Model concept: By Nir Eyal