Creative Crush #6 - Elizabeth Pawle

Elizabeth Pawle - Embroidery Weaving 3.jpeg



INSTAGRAM: @elizabethpawle

If you have a thing for fibre art and you're not already following Elizabeth on Instagram then stop right now and go and give her a follow, she is really devoted to her followers, you'll be thankful to join her community! 

I'm forever in love Elizabeth's pattern combos and colour choices, so much so I even created a piece of embroidery art inspired by her work. Let me tell you, it took a lot long than expected, it really is a fine art putting those stitches in the right place and using the right kind of fibre to get the effect you're looking for! 

Not only does Elizabeth create beautiful hoop art, she also makes gorgeous bright and bold weavings! 

Elizabeth Pawle - Embroidery Weaving 5.jpeg

Another reason why I adore Elizabeth's work so much is the amount of pink thread / aida that she uses, you know me, I've got to have my fix of pink each day! 

Elizabeth Pawle - Embroidery Weaving 2.jpeg

All imagery by Elizabeth Pawle