Make Your Own Niche

chanmanheyyyy watercolour pink fish carp on sanitary pad

What niche do you currently fit into? Wedding florist, logo designer, food photographer? Being in a broad niche just isn’t enough anymore if you want to get noticed. To get your brand and business out there you need to shout from the rooftops who you are but more importantly what makes you different.

I understand this can be hard, I’ve had many a conversation with creative entrepreneurs about how they can stand out in their field. If you want to be seen, you need to be the best in your category. So with this in mind, why not make your life easier by creating your own category and being the only one in it. Make your own niche.

When I came across this image by @chanmanheyyyy of a watercolour fish on a sanitary pad I thought, this is someone who has got this niche idea down to a T! She’s not just a watercolour artist but she’s a watercolour artist who uses sanitary pads as a medium for her work. You’re going to remember that far easier than anyone painting on just watercolour paper. 

What could you create as your niche? Maybe you’re a UK embroider who only embroiders on vintage scarfs made in Manchester. Maybe you’re a Canadian jewellery designer who encapsulates rocks from the Canadian rockies in their products. Whatever you do, take a step away from everyone else and create your own unique bubble then shout about it from the rooftops.

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Image by: @chanmanheyyyy