recommended Reading

If you're looking for book recommendations, then look no longer.  I've compiled a range of creativity, marketing, businesses and self improvement books for you.  I've read each and everyone one of them (sometimes more than once!).  These books are going to help you get kick started with your creative business, allow you to produce new marketing tactics and create the balanced life you're looking for.  I've also been honest and noted below if I recommend you buy or borrow each particular book. 

Big magic.png

Big Magic - Elizabeth Gilbert

If I had to recommend just one book for creative entrpreneurs who are feeling a bit lost with their creativity, this would be it. I've read this book multiple times and I cannot recommend it more. It'll leave you feeling creativity charged as well as thinking about creativity in new and exciting ways. 

The working woman's handbook - Phoebe Lovatt.png

Working Woman's Handbook - phoebe Lovatt

This book is the perfect purchase for anyone who is starting up their new creative business. It has not only work sheets to fill in but also includes a range of inspiring interviews with creative women from multiple industries. I've read this book twice now and I'll be sure to read it again.

Book Recommendation- Tools of titans by Tim Ferris.png

Tools of titans - tim ferris

Another one from Tim Ferris and this book is a BEAST. It's full of interviews from influential people in business, sport, etc. You won't find every page relevant to you but the ones you do will give you some amazing advice that you'll keep with you and apply to your life/ business. 

The Alchemist - book recommendation

The Alchemist - Paulo Coelho

No word of a lie, this is a bit of a life changing book for me.  Although a fiction book, the ideas behind this story are so powerful. This is a definite recommend read for anyone with a true life goal who might be feeling a bit lost with it all.  The simple story of a shepard on a journey. 

Book Recommendation 4 hour work week - Tim Ferris.png

4 hour work week - timothy ferris

This book is one of the reasons why I left my corporate marketing job, moved to Canada and set up my consultancy business. It's a great book to inspire you to find ways of creating passive income for your business and even look at becoming a remote business owner. 

7 habits of highly effective people - Stephen r. covey.png

7 Habits - Stephen r. covey

This has been one of my personal favourite "self-help" books. I love self improvement and finding ways to create a more balanced life. This book is full of useful tips and is a feel good book. It helps you to work on becoming a better person, which is never a bad thing in my eyes. 

Book Recommendation - anyone can do it Sahar and Bobby Hashemi.png

Anyone can do it - Sahar & bOBBY hashemi

This is THE first ever business book I bought. I randomly found it in an Oxfam bookshop and has always been an inspiration for me to start my own business. Although this is about the creation of the brand Coffee Republic, it shares insightful processes to starting a store from scratch. 

Book Recommendation - Contagious by Jonah Berger .png

Contagious - Jonah Berger

If you're interested to understand why certain brands and businesses become viral and 'catch on' then I definitely recommend having a read of this book. There's some very interesting case studies and research behind what makes brands big. It'll get you thinking about your business.

Book Recommendation You are a badass at making money - Jen Sincero.png

Badass at making money - Jen Sincero

With this book I recommend buying the audio version, mainly because hearing Jen's voice is so empowering.  I've listened to it about 3 times now and each time makes me more excited to make money / enjoy money and not feel so anxious about spending it. Perfect for both personal and business. 

The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*ck - Mark Manson

The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*ck 

Reading this book whilst travelling around the Canadian rockies gave me such inspiration for life. Looking at things in a different light and for really letting go of any f*cks that weren't needed.  This is the perfect self development book, get yourself a pencil and start underlining your fave sections!


*Please note this page contains affiliate links which means I may receive a percentage of any sales made via the links. The small amount of money made from these purchases goes towards creating free content for this website. I always recommend where possible you buy locally if you can :)