Hi, and welcome!  If you've come across this page you're probably toying with the idea of getting a coach to help you with marketing your illustration / graphic design business.  If so, you've come to the right place!  It's important when choosing a coach that they fit with your core values and your approach to work. 

Lauren Welland Online UK Creative Coach Marketing Consultancy

Who Am I?

In a nutshell I'm a creative marketing coach for illustrators and graphic designers. In reality I'm so much more than that; I'm your fan, your teacher, your supporter and a shoulder to lean on. 

I help creatives to find clarity and confidence with marketing their business along with providing support with new creative ventures. My style of coaching is creative and encouraging, in essence my calls are all about you and what support you need for your business. I'm a big fan of slow marketing techniques which allow your business the time it needs to grow sustainably, as well as growing at a pace that works with you.  Marketing doesn't need to be hard or time consuming, I focus on techniques that fit with your lifestyle and that you'd enjoy to work on. 

You can read more about me, including my love of plants, over on my about page.

Blackwing Palomino Pencil - creative marketing coach Lauren Welland

"I'm here to give you CLARITY and confidence in your marketing to allow you to move forward with your creative business"

Why you need a marketing coach

  • You're a creative business owner who has hit a block with marketing your business

  • You're looking for support with the creation of your marketing strategy to help you move forward with building your brand

  • You're wanting to reach more customers but not sure how to marketing yourself effectively

  • You're looking to have support with your website and get feedback on its usability and presentation

  • You're looking to have an honest and informal chat about your marketing and where you'd like to take it long term

  • You're wanting to make achievable marketing goals for your business and need some support in creating these

  • You're wanting someone to bounce creative ideas off

  • You want a nice creative kick up the bum

My Values

Making Connections - I encourage the creation of meaningful connections with both current customers, potential customers and other business owners. It's all too easy to push your marketing upon people but when you make thoughtful engaging connections, not only are you marketing your business in an enjoyable way but you're also creating a happy environment to work in. 

Sharing my knowledge - I love what I do and I spend a lot of time learning new marketing techniques and delving deeper into the industry. I know that you may not have the time to do this yourself so I want to make your life easier by sharing as much as I can about what I've learnt and I do this through both my consultancy calls and blog posts

Environmentally Conscious - Caring about the environment is both a personal and business value for me, this means I will always prioritise working with creative business owners who are conscious of their business' impact to the environment.

Taking Time - I have a strong belief that investing in ourselves is just as important as investing in marketing. Therefore I will always encourage taking time with both marketing your business and taking time for yourself to become creativily charged. 



Looking for a refresh with your marketing, feeling a bit lost with where you’re going and how to get yourself there? My refresh package is perfect for any creative needing support with this! Over 4 months we’ll work closely to pull out your business goals and create a marketing plan that’ll get you moving forward with your business. We’ll start by reviewing your current marketing and then work on ways to create new and innovative marketing techniques for your business. These calls are also here for you, to focus on any specific marketing you’d like to work through. As always, I focus on creating meaningful connections when it comes to marketing your business along with creating ways to help your business be environmentally friendly when it comes to marketing.

What the “Refresh” package includes: 

  • Initial review of your online marketing (website, online store, social media)

  • 4 x 60 minute chat via Skype (over 4 months)

  • Detailed notes and actions from each call

  • 4 months of email support

  • A tailored marketing plan created just for you

  • We can focus on whatever you need support with, be that digital marketing, direct marketing or an overall view of marketing techniques for your business.

Your investment: £750 (GBP) / $1300 (CAD)