Hi, and welcome!  If you've come across this page you're probably toying with the idea of getting a coach, mentor or consultant to help you with marketing your creative business.  If so, you've come to the right place!  It's important when choosing a consultant that they fit with your core values and your approach to work. If you think we'd be a good fit then please don't hesitate to contact me.

    Lauren Welland Marketing Consultancy


    With a focus on slow marketing and targeted tactics to help your creative business grow.

    Working With Me

    In a nutshell I'm a marketing consultant and coach for creative entrepreneurs with small businesses. In reality I'm so much more than that; I'm your fan, your teacher, your supporter and a shoulder to lean on. 

    My style of consulting is creative and encouraging, in essence this is all about you and what you want from our calls. I'm a big fan of slow marketing techniques which allows your business the time it needs to grow sustainably, as well grow at a pace that works with you personally.  Marketing doesn't need to be hard or time consuming, I focus on techniques that fit with your lifestyle and that you'd enjoy to work on.  With clients I'd always encourage a review of your current marketing techniques within our first call as well working on goals you want from your business.  Find out more about my two consulting options below.  

    Consulting Option 1 

    Target Session (1 month of support)

    Looking for that quick delve into your marketing, maybe you're working on a new project and want some marketing support whilst you start out?

    My target session would be perfect for you. In this 60 minute audio call via Skype we work through a particular block that is holding you back when it comes to marketing your business.


    What does A session include?

    • A review of your business before our call 
    • 60 minute audio chat via Skype 
    • Detailed notes and actions from our call
    • 60 days of support via email 

    Your investment: £300 

    consulting Option 2

    Create and Grow (3 months of support)

    Looking for support over a longer period of time? Then my create and grow calls would be perfect for you. 
    Within my Create and Grow audio calls we can work on a marketing project or simply start from scratch by creating a marketing plan that fits with your life and business. 

    What does A session include?

    • A review of your business before our call 
    • 3 x 60 minute audio chat via Skype (1 call each month)
    • Detailed notes and actions from our call
    • 90 days of support via email 

    Your investment: £750

    My Values

    • Making Connections - I encourage the creation of meaningful connections with both current customers, potential customers and other business owners. It's all too easy to push your marketing upon people but when you make thoughtful engaging connections, not only are you marketing your business in an enjoyable way but you're also creating a happy environment to work in. 
    • Sharing my knowledge - I love what I do and I spend a lot of time learning new marketing techniques and delving deeper into the industry. I know that you may not have the time to do this yourself so I want to make your life easier by sharing as much as I can about what I've learnt and I do this through both my consultancy calls and blog posts
    • Environmentally Conscious - Caring about the environment is both a personal and business value for me, this means I will always prioritise working with creative business owners who are conscious of their business' impact to the environment.
    • Taking Time - I have a strong belief that investing in ourselves is just as important as investing in marketing. Therefore I will always encourage taking time with both marketing your business and taking time for yourself to become creativity charged. 


    This iS for you if?

    • You're a creative business owner who has hit a block with marketing your business
    • You're looking for support with the creation of your marketing strategy to help you move forward with marketing your business
    • You're looking for someone to have an honest and informal chat about your marketing and where you'd like to take it long term
    • You're wanting to make achievable marketing goals for your business and need some support in creating these 
    • You're wanting someone to support you and listen to your marketing ideas that you may be worried about pursuing 
    • You want a nice creative kick up the bum 


    This iSN'T for you if?

    • You're looking for someone to do your marketing for you. The goal for these sessions are to leave you feeling inspired and energised and to go and kick some butt yourself. 
    • You don't have the time to implement ideas and plans that we discuss in our call. It takes dedication to work through blocks you may be having. I'm here to work with and support dedicated business owners. 
    • You're looking for a quick fix. I won't lie, marketing can be hard sometimes and therefore I don't agree with anyone who promises a quick fix. These calls will work through those blocks and help you plan for the future of your marketing. It's a long game but I'll be here to support you with it if you choose to join me.