For all you creative entrepreneurs out there who are looking to refresh your marketing strategy **hello** you have come to the right place!

Free marketing series, refresh - Lauren Welland


Welcome to Refresh. This series is going to help get your business' marketing strategy refreshed and back on track. By the end of this series you'll have a great plan for creating new and revised goals, as well as how to track them.

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Brand Definition

Brand definition is the best place to start when working on your marketing plans/strategies. It brings you back to basics by helping you think about your vision for your business and what makes you different.

Your Audience Refresh Marketing Series Lauren Welland

Your Audience

Knowing your audience is key when it comes to marketing your brand. In this section we'll work through reviewing who your current audience is and what changes you can make to reach the audience that you want. 

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Visual Identity

The following section works through your brand visual identity and encourages you to think about your key visual assets. It gets you to think about how your business is visually portrayed to your customers. 

Setting Goals Refresh Marketing Series, Lauren Welland

Goal Setting

Get your goals set, this is one of the most important things to do. Without your goals, where are you going? Have a read of this section and start working on the future of your business whilst planning your marketing.

Tracking Goals Refresh Marketing Series Lauren Welland4.jpg

tracking your goals

There's no point wishing to get somewhere when you're not even checking if you're on the right track. This section will help you work on reviewing your goals and make sure you're on the sweet highway to success.