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Marketing Strategy Course

For all you creative entrepreneurs out there who are looking to refresh your marketing strategy **hello** you have come to the right place! This series is going to help get your business' marketing strategy refreshed and back on track. By the end of this series you'll have a great plan for creating new and revised goals, as well as how to track them.

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Instagram Prompts

Sometimes it can be super hard to think of new content to put on your Instagram each time.  Download my Instagram prompt sheet to help revitalise your mind and to come up with some new content to talk about 

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Book Recommendations

If you're looking for book recommendations, then look no longer.  I've compiled a range of creativity, marketing, businesses and self improvement books for you.  I've read each and everyone one of them (sometimes more than once!).  These books are going to help you get kick started with your creative business, allow you to produce new marketing tactics and create the balanced life you're looking for. 

100 free marketing tips

100 Free Marketing Tips

Looking for a kick start with your marketing or just a range of creative ideas to keep you going? Then why not download this "100 free marketing tips" pdf and start working your magic.